Skwoll: Around a drink

Dear friends from Lausanne, raise your glass!

Skwoll is celebrating friendliness. While a good laugh, while meeting new friends, on a love declaration, to celebrate your new deal or simply to relax, we all have our own reason to cheers. Skwoll is facilitating your going-out experience so that you can really enjoy those moments.

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Explore the best places in your city


Order via the digital menu in order to avoid queues


Enjoy one welcome drink per day



Looking for a great place to go? We got you covered !

We partner with amazing venues to get your Welcome Drinks and explore your city : Bars, restaurants, clubs and so much more to come.

Have a look at our growing list of Official Skwoll Partners

  • Barberousse
  • Barca
  • Bowland Flon
  • Bowland Vidy
  • Brasserie-Restaurant Le Vaudois
  • Broaway Av.
  • Bruxelles Café
  • La Bohême
  • La Mécanique des Fluides
  • Vinyl
  • Le Benjamin
  • Le Pi Bar
  • Le XIIIème Siècle
  • Liberta
  • Qwertz
  • Taco’s Bar
  • The Green Van Company


Skwoll comes from the Swedish word « Skål », which is a toast like “cheers”. In this culture though, it means much more than that. It is an heritage and an art of living that invites to celebration and gathering.

Raise your glass

Look into the eyes of your friends while saying Skål


Look again in the eyes of your friends while raising your glass

(Careful, glasses don’t touch)